Rail Based System

Rail-based Fall Protection Systems

Rail-based fall protection systems are often installed where there is a need to minimise workers’ fall distance. The rail will not deflect as a cable would in the event of a fall. Typically a rail will be installed to ensure that the worker is either kept in a position of restraint or the fall distance is kept to a minimum. Such systems are often found in overhead locations, such as train maintenance depots.

Rail fall protection systems are often referred to by their brand name as Unirail™, MultiRail™, Allatro™ and Technelec™ systems and are categorised as Class D Fall Protection systems under the British Standards BS EN353-1.

Eurosafe offers rail-based fall protection systems from Honeywell and Fallprotec.

Rail-based systems can offer advantages over cable-based systems in certain applications and are especially suited for use in industry and utilities where limited ground clearance or narrow walkways would adversely affect user safety considerations, or where significant distance between the working platform and the anchorage system would affect functionality.

Fixed rigid rail systems are not commonly used on buildings, with cable-based systems being preferred for most applications due to the cost and frequency of penetrations required to support the systems being substantially less. However, there are a number of situations where Eurosafe would suggest the installation of a rail over a cable as they can offer a shorter arrest distance, allow a greater number of users or be used for rope access work. Typical applications would be on the building's façade to allow access along gantries and brise soleil to allow safe window cleaning.

Our rail systems have a wide range of fixing brackets, deviations, junctions and turntables allowing horizontal, inclined and vertical movement around a building whilst the user is continuously connected.

Away from buildings, rail systems are commonly used for overhead applications typically found in the rail and transport industries. Often these applications have a limited ground clearance and require a fall to be arrested in a very small distance. Fixed rails can provide this due to its rigid construction giving minimum deflection when loaded. It can be used by up to 6 persons at the same time and the rail can absorb forces up to 100 kg without permanent deformation. These systems are particularly suitable for use in industrial applications due to being formed from stainless steel in a closed profile which makes the product more resistant to the accumulation of dirt and suitable for the toughest environmental conditions. Fixings can be mounted up to 6m apart and as the rail is not fixed into mounting brackets thermal expansion is compensated for.

The systems use wheeled glider travelling devices which slide smoothly on the rail and follow the user, giving total hands-free operation, allowing them to carry out the activities unhindered.

Rail-based System
Horizontal Fall Protection Systems - Rail-based System
MSA Latchways VersiRail System
Roof Edge Protection - Roof handrail
MSA Latchways VersiRail System
Freestanding Guardrail - SolidRail

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