Rescue Equipment

Rescue Equipment

When working at height in a fall arrest situation, a rescue plan and process must always be in place. All workers who access areas of risk should be equipped with a rescue kit/device and have completed appropriate training.

Eurosafe currently offer two solutions for rescue. these are:

  • IKAR Rescue Kit

  • MSA Latchways Personal Rescue Device (PRD)

Another very popular and highly effective rescue kit is Latchways’ Personal Rescue Device (PRD). This is designed to arrest a fall and limit the forces applied to the worker and to the connecting anchor device.  This PRD provides a means of self rescue for the user, allowing for a controlled descent to a safe location following a fall.  The Latchways PRD can be used in any location where a certified anchor device is available at a maximum height of 20 metres.  Find out more here.

IKAR Rescue Kit

The IKAR Rescue Kit is a versatile controlled descent device with a lifting facility, complete with a sling, karabiner and reach pole. These can be supplied in various lengths ranging from 10 metres up to 100 metres.

MSA Latchways Personal Rescue Device (PRD)

Designed to be worn as an everyday PPE item, the PRD provides a self-rescue solution that is always ready. Housed within a neat backpack and integrated with a full body harness, a brake mechanism with a 20m cord, that can be activated to gently lower the worker to the ground. This range comes in the following:

  • RH2 – Two point harness (Rear D-ring and front D-ring)

  • RH3 – Three point harness (Rear D-Ring, front D-Ring and and 2 lateral D-rings for work positioning)

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