Confined Space Consultancy & Audit

Eurosafe can provide consultancy & audit services from assessing spaces and identifying if they are confined spaces, to creating risk assessments for a wide range of industries.

Confined space consultancy and audit

The Confined Space Regulations 1997 were created under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSW Act) and came into force in January 1998. The regulations apply to all premises and work situations that are subject to the HSW Act within the UK. Under these regulations, entry into a confined space can only be made by a trained competent person.

Therefore, if you have a confined space with a specified risk, you must meet the requirements of the Confined Space Regulations 1997.  If you can’t avoid entry, you need to ensure that the safety systems put in place are suitable and sufficient before allowing work activities to commence in a confined space.

Eurosafe has experts who can help you identify and understand confined spaces and the hazards and risks associated with working in them. We can audit and risk rate the space (high, medium, or low) and highlight any likely problems that may be caused by their entry point and internal design features.

Developing a plan with the categorised confined space risks can help prioritise where resources are required for conducting a specific task within the space. It will also include entry requirements such as equipment, manpower, and detailed emergency arrangements that would be required to rescue someone who had become incapacitated.

Working in Confined Space

Confined space audit system

Our confined space audit system identifies, records and stores all information on confined spaces by drawing together risk assessments and other safety-related documentation.

Designed to assess the areas at a client’s site to determine their status (restricted access or confined space), this system enables our confined space specialists to provide a detailed audit of those spaces that could be a potential entry hazard. The system enables them to capture supporting evidence, comments and photographs to build a complete rear-time picture as a record of the assessed area.

Our confined space assessors/auditors will produce a Site Assessment Review which will highlight the site’s confined spaces and other information such as site images, manpower and PPE & equipment, and training required to enter the area safely.

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