Yorkshire Water, Buttershaw

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Topfix guardrail

The client

CBRE offers an integrated suite of services spanning facilities management, transaction and project management, property management, investment management, appraisal and valuation, property leasing, strategic consulting, property sales, mortgage services, and development services.

The building

Located in Buttershaw, Bradford, the Yorkshire Water head office serves as a pivotal hub for the organization. With a commitment to sustainability and reducing carbon footprint, Yorkshire Water embarked on a project to install a photovoltaic (PV) array on the roof of their existing, fully occupied building. However, ensuring the safety of workers during the installation process presented a challenge, given the constraints of the occupied building and the associated costs of traditional scaffolding.

The requirement

The primary challenge faced by the client was to provide a safe working area for solar installers while minimising disruption to building occupants and controlling costs.

The client specified the need for a Class B Guardrail system to be installed around the roof perimeter. This system not only aimed to protect the installers during the PV array installation but also to facilitate safe access for future maintenance activities.

The solution

Addressing the unique requirements of the project, ESL collaborated with Bettersafe to develop a custom Class B Guardrail system, tailored to the specific needs of Yorkshire Water's Buttershaw building. Since the requested system was not available off-the-shelf, ESL and Bettersafe undertook the task of designing, testing, and certifying the product.

 The development process began with the creation of a prototype, which underwent rigorous testing to ensure compliance with safety standards and efficacy in real-world conditions. Once the prototype received full certification from Bettersafe, ESL proceeded with the installation of the guardrail system.

 Despite the challenges posed by the fully occupied building, ESL executed the installation with minimal disruption to building occupants. The project was completed within the tight timeframe set by the client, aligning seamlessly with the subsequent installation of the PV array.

Topfix guardrail
TopFix Guardrail
TopFix Guardrail
TopFix Guardrail

Outcome and benefits

Enhanced Safety

The installation of the Class B Guardrail system provided a safe working environment for solar installers, mitigating the risk of falls and accidents during the installation and maintenance of the PV array.

Cost-Effective Solution

By opting for a guardrail system instead of traditional scaffolding, the client achieved cost savings while ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Minimal Disruption

ESL's efficient installation process minimized disruption to building occupants, allowing normal operations to continue smoothly throughout the project duration.

Customised Solution

The collaborative effort between ESL and Bettersafe resulted in the development of a tailored solution that precisely met the client's requirements, showcasing the flexibility and adaptability of the companies involved.


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