Topfix guardrail

TopFix Guardrail

TopFix roof edge protection system is specifically engineered to affix securely to most steel profile and standing seam roof types. Providing a permanent solution, it's ideal for areas where the existing structure fails to offer adequate fall or slip protection. Supplied in a modular kit format, installation is swift and straightforward, eliminating the need for onsite welding or bending.

TopFix is a comprehensive fixed roof edge protection system tailored for metal profile and standing seam roofs with inclinations of up to 30 degrees under BS EN 13374:2013 class B.

Made from galvanized steel, this fixed-roof guardrail system features a robust base plate with multiple fixing points, ensuring compatibility across a wide spectrum of roof sheet types. Employing rivets and sealing strips, the system securely attaches to profile roofs, minimising penetration. The appropriate seam clamps can be used for a standing seam-type roof.

Utilising 90° corner components and variable elbows, the system can be configured to follow and roof perimeter or route required. Mesh infills and toe-boards are also available for additional protection where required.

Every component of this rivet fixed guardrail system is tailored to accommodate our standard 48.3mm outside diameter tube size. As an off-the-shelf product, there's no need for custom fabrication, streamlining installation, and reducing site visits.

TopFix fixed roof edge protection system is rigorously SATRA tested to EN 13374 and EN 14122-3 standards, ensuring top-tier safety and reliability. Engineered for swift installation, our system is pre-galvanized for enhanced durability and longevity, offering added protection against corrosion. Versatile in application, it can be seamlessly deployed on most roof types, providing comprehensive fall and slip protection.

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TopFix Guardrail
TopFix Guardrail
TopFix Guardrail

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