Aston Martin, Silverstone

Aston Martin Silverstone

The client

Aston Martin, a renowned luxury car manufacturer, recently undertook a significant expansion project to construct a new facility spanning 400,000 square feet at their Silverstone base.

The new facility would serve as a hub for the team's design, manufacturing, and marketing resources. Additionally, it would house Aston Martin's first-ever wind tunnel, replacing their current reliance on Mercedes' facility, and a state-of-the-art simulator.

The construction of this expansive facility showcased Aston Martin's commitment to advancing their capabilities in the Formula 1 industry. This new facility aimed to bolster Aston Martin's competitive edge by allowing them to conduct in-house testing and optimise their designs and strategies.

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Aston Martin Silverstone
Aston Martin Silverstone - Case Study

The requirements

Aston Martin recognised the importance of sustainable practices and renewable energy sources and made the decision to install a solar power system on the roofs of their buildings aligned with their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.

To ensure the effectiveness and longevity of the solar panels, regular maintenance and cleaning were essential. Therefore, Aston Martin had specific requirements for the rooftop access solutions. They needed a total of three rooftop access points. The access points had to be designed to accommodate maintenance personnel and cleaning equipment.

Safety was a top priority for Aston Martin, and they sought solutions that would comply with industry standards and regulations.

The solutions

After careful evaluation and consultation with the client, Eurosafe proposed two main solutions to meet Aston Martin’s rooftop access requirements:

MSA Latchways ManSafe® Systems

To enhance safety during rooftop access, the installation of MSA Latchways ManSafe® systems was recommended. ManSafe® systems consist of secure anchor points, lifelines, and harnesses that allow workers to move freely while being attached to a safety line.

These systems would provide fall protection and enable maintenance personnel to perform their tasks with confidence.

Cat Ladders and Companionway Ladder

Two Safety Fabrications cat ladders from were suggested to provide vertical access to the rooftop through hatches.

The cat ladders would be designed and installed to ensure safe and convenient access for maintenance personnel.

Additionally, a companionway ladder, commonly used in the maritime industry, would be incorporated to provide a more ergonomic and comfortable ascent to the rooftop.

The results

The proposed solutions were implemented in collaboration with Kovara, a renowned provider of roofing and cladding solutions.

The cat ladders, companionway ladder, and MSA Latchways ManSafe® systems were installed according to the client’s requirements and industry standards.

Aston Martin’s personnel were trained on how to properly use the access equipment and adhere to safety protocols.

The implementation of the rooftop access solutions significantly improved efficiency and safety during solar maintenance and cleaning operations.

Aston Martin’s maintenance personnel now have easy and secure access to the rooftops, allowing them to conduct their tasks more effectively. The ManSafe systems have minimised the risk of falls and improved worker safety.

This was a high-profile project for us with a client who expects nothing but the best. Eurosafe assisted us with numerous options to make sure we were providing the correct, but most cost-effective design. Everything from initial advice/design, to installation was really smooth

~ James Filer, Pre-Construction Manager, Kovara Projects

Future plans

With the successful implementation of rooftop access solutions for the first completed building, Aston Martin plans to replicate the same solutions for the two upcoming buildings.

The client is satisfied with the performance and safety provided by the installed access equipment.

By partnering with Kovara and implementing the proposed solutions, Aston Martin successfully addressed their rooftop access requirements for solar maintenance and cleaning.

The cat ladders, companionway ladder, and mansafe systems have not only improved access to the rooftops but also enhanced the overall safety of the maintenance operations.

At Eurosafe, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible solutions to meet their height safety needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your safety goals.


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