Single Point Anchor

Single Point Anchors

Eyebolts and other single-point anchors can be used on inclined roofs to allow easy work positioning, an internally positioned attachment point can be used for window cleaners allowing the cleaner to safely lean out of the open window, safety anchors for lift inspection operatives or any other location where a tested and approved single point anchor is required for the attachment of a safety harness.

Eurosafe offer single-person anchor points for personal protection, work positioning, and additional deviation when using cable-based systems.

A range of these are:

  • Standard eyebolts

  • PushLock eyebolts

  • Roof Anchors

Eurosafe are approved suppliers, installers, and testers of the Solid Swivels range of PPE fall arrest safety anchor eye bolts. Defined as a class 1 anchor device under BS EN795: 1997 and BS 7883:2005. These devices are required to be installed and tested by a trained installation company, this is to ensure that, as well as the eyebolt being correctly located for its purpose, the substrate that it is fixed to is suitable and sufficient to take the required loads.

We can supply and install a range of eyebolts to suit most applications including, brickwork, concrete, steel, and cavity walls. All products can be supplied in stainless or mild steel in a variety of finishes to suit their location.

The Latchways PushLock safety eyebolt provides a discreet yet highly effective alternative to unsightly conventional eyebolts. While conventional eyebolts meet the safety need, their lack of aesthetic consideration can impair the visual characteristics of the office, hotel, or housing environment in which they are installed. The pleasing design and assured safety of the Latchways PushLock overcome the problem as it can be discreetly capped when not in use. Insertion or removal of the PushLock eyebolt is a two-handed operation, which therefore makes accidental removal impossible.

Eurosafe offers a versatile, truss-mounted fall arrest and ladder anchor, suitable for installation on inclined tiled roofs. It is also possible to attach a ladder to the anchor hook. With the simple installation in between the rafters, the anchor hook can be positioned optimally as regards the watercourse of the tiles.

Single Point Anchor
Fall Protection Systems - Single Point Anchor  Post

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