Amstel Tower

Safety Circle steps used in this project
Power House Company - Amstel Tower

The building

Amstel Tower: 192 apartments, 168m2 retail space, and a hotel with 186 rooms run by Meininger.

With an underground parking garage with 171 spaces and on the ground floor two catering establishments, it is a spectacular building with a great view of the river Amstel and the city centre. It is described as an asset to the Amsterdam skyline.

The building was designed by the architect, Powerhouse Company, for the developer, Provast. Contractor J.P. van Eesteren started construction of the building in December 2015. The hotel was completed in early 2018, the parking garage shortly followed, and the residential tower will be completed at the end of June.

Eurosafe provides the fall protection systems so that it is possible to work safely at height on and around the building at all times.

Powerhouse Company, Amstel Tower
Powerhouse Company, Amstel Tower - Case Study

The requirement

The execution of maintenance work on and around the Amstel Tower involved safety risks. To be able to carry out work on the roofs and on the facades safely, the right protection against falls was required.

An important aspect of this requirement was that the appearance of the building would be affected as little as possible.

Working safely is our priority. On the advice of Eurosafe and in consultation with Powerhouse Company, top-tier systems were opted for on the façades. This is the most secure solution.

~ Jeroen Baan - Project manager J.P. van Eesteren

Power House Company, Amstel Tower - Case Study

The solution

During the design phase of the building, Power House Company considered the fall protection requirements for the maintenance activities required on the project.

Work on the façade

Eurosafe installed a Söll Xenon overhead system so that the cleaning of the windows and other maintenance work on the façade can be carried out safely. With this system, there is minimal impact on the appearance of the building. The workers can travel freely, and work safely secured to the system.

Work on the roof

Eurosafe installed MSA Latchways Mansafe cable systems and free-standing anchor points. This type of fall protection system creates minimal impact on the appearance of the building. Operatives can now gain access to all areas required for maintenance and carry out activities safely.

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