Confined Space Training

Confined Space Training

Working within confined spaces exposes individuals to a variety of potential dangers, some of which may pose a risk of injury and, in certain situations, even the possibility of fatal outcomes. As a result, specialised confined space rescue training becomes imperative to provide those engaged in such work with the essential skills and competencies needed to assess risks, manage hazards, and execute their tasks safely.

Entry into a confined space may involve the use of manual or mechanical access equipment, including:

  • Vertical entry, often involving ladders or man-riding winches, which require fall protection and means for assisted rescue, such as a rescue winch.

  • Horizontal entry, which may entail walking or climbing into the confined space or working away from the base of a vertical entry, often involves more than one individual entering the confined space.

Our comprehensive training programmes cover all aspects of working in confined spaces, inclusive of providing a complete range of equipment to ensure the safe execution of tasks by your trained personnel.

Eurosafe has a mobile confined space training unit, enabling the delivery of the majority of confined space courses at your location.

Not sure if you or your personnel require confined space training? Book our confined space consultancy & audit services to assess your site and identify confined space training requirements.

Mobile Training Unit for Confined Space Training
Mobile Training Unit for Confined Space Training
Confined Space Training
Confined Space Training
Confined Space Training
Confined Space Gas Masks

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