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Helping you manage and maintain every safety aspect while working at height or in confined spaces

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Snowden Summit, mansafe latchways cable system

Specialists in working at height and in confined spaces

Eurosafe is the market leader in the design, supply, and installation of bespoke access and fall protection systems and solutions, with a network of offices spanning Northern Europe.

Our commitment to safety as a basic need is reflected in our approach. Our clients can trust that safety is at the forefront of everything we do, guaranteeing the highest standards of protection.

Over the years, Eurosafe has built a reputation as the 'go-to' provider for one-off access systems. Our technical ability and love of challenge have led us to be involved in a variety of high-profile projects both in the UK and abroad. Whatever your access requirements we are confident that we can supply you with a solution.

Rope Access Contracting

Working at Height

Our working at height specialists have a wealth of knowledge and experience, assuring you of a safe and efficient working environment.

Working in Confined Space

Confined Spaces

Rope Access Solutions

Rope Access Contracting

The Hepworth Wakefield, Horizontal System

Your trusted partner in custom access solutions

Our innovative design, and use of market-leading fall protection and access equipment, allow us to develop tailored solutions across many industry sectors, from education, retail, commercial and residential properties, large-scale aviation, healthcare, and stadia developments to the complex and often unique environments of the industrial, utilities and renewable energy sectors.

Rope Access Gevelreiniging

Why choose Eurosafe?

  • Reliable Systems: Eurosafe is known for providing reliable and robust systems and solutions, ensuring the safety of individuals working at height and in confined spaces.

  • Expertise: Our experts have extensive knowledge of safety regulations and best practices, ensuring that your project is not only compliant but also secure.

  • Quality: We use the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure the longevity and reliability of our installations.

  • International Presence: With locations in the Netherlands, England, Germany, and Belgium, we offer a wide geographical reach, making our solutions accessible to clients across multiple countries and regions.

  • Innovation: Our commitment to innovation means you'll benefit from the latest industry advancements and technologies.

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