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Horizontal Fall Protection system’s versatility and ease of use make them ideal for protecting workers as they go about day-to-day activities such as working at height maintenance, cleaning, access, and inspection.

By connecting a rigid rail or steel cable between fixing points and supplying the end user with the appropriate personal protective equipment and training to be able to connect to this, it is possible to create a safe working environment in all areas where a risk of a fall is present.

Eurosafe is a leading installer of several different types of horizontal fall protection systems including the MSA Latchways ManSafe® system with its uniquely designed Transfastener™ that allows the end user to bypass all of the fixing points without having to disconnect from the system.

The availability of a wide range of components, combined with our bespoke fabrications, gives us true flexibility to be able to design a system to suit your needs whether horizontal, inclined, or vertical in whatever environment you require it, from simple rooftop settings, on gantries around the facades of buildings, overhead for vehicle and train access, and in the numerous complex situations found in industrial settings to give safe access to conveyor systems, crane tracks, and bogeys.

Horizontal fall protection systems, also known as 'mansafe systems', are specifically designed for virtually all the major roof types, including:

  • Standing seam

  • Composite

  • Built-up-on-site

  • Secret-fix

  • Membrane

They can be fixed to a variety of different structural backgrounds including:

  • Structural concrete

  • Structural steel

  • Timber deck roof build-ups

  • Concrete composite decks

  • Profiled steel decks

  • Masonry

When installed and tested correctly, the various anchor types protect the roof’s integrity without jeopardising the roof’s guarantee.

Horizontal fall protection systems also allow personnel to safely undertake vital planned preventive maintenance works.


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