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Removable Transfastener
MSA Latchways Mansafe Removable Transfastener
Removable Transfastener
MSA Latchways Mansafe Removable Transfastener

MSA Latchways Removable Transfastener

The MSA Latchways Transfastener has a unique star wheel component. It is designed for use on MSA Latchways cable systems. The device runs smoothly over the cable of the system, also over intermediate anchor points. This reduces the risk of accidents when re-lacing.

  • Carriage for MSA cable system
  • Walks along anchor points
  • Several types available

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The MSA Latchways Transfastener is a unique device designed for use on MSA Latchways cable systems. In addition to the standard Transfastener for horizontal cable systems on roofs, there are also other variants, namely:


The Transfastener is a unique product that is protected by several international patents. The ingenious star wheel design makes it possible to work on a cable without the need to disconnect and re-align. The design runs smoothly when changing direction or when passing cable supports. This ensures that the chance of human error is removed and thus the Transfastener ensures optimal safety.

Besides the fixed version, there is also the Removable Transfastener. It can be attached and disconnected at any point in the line. This ensures optimal comfort during the work.

The MSA Latchways Transfastener is made from 316S and 17/4 PH stainless steel for optimum strength and rust prevention.


ApplicationCable system
ConfirmationStandard and removable transfastener
Alternative typesLadderLatch, Overhead, TowerLatch
Material316S and 17/4 PH stainless steel
Product Part Code85085-00

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