Inspection requirements of Davit systems

Inspection requirements of Davit systems

Many high-rise buildings with balconies or roof terraces find Davit arms a simple and cost-effective solution as part of the window cleaning and maintenance strategy.

Davit arms are very similar in function to that of building maintenance unit (BMU), but rather than lifting a large basket up and down the building, the Davit system enables users to safely attach prior to moving towards the roof edge. They are especially helpful where the parapet is particularly high or wide and can minimise the ropes trailing over the parapet.

Davit arms rotate allowing the user to work across a wider area of the façade without having to re-position themselves, saving valuable time and hassle.

Whether they are used for lifting equipment (materials) to roof levels or people (rope access), they come under The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER). If used for rope access, then the Davit must be inspected & tested by a working at heights specialist company a minimum of every six months and/or after every fall.

“Periodic examinations are required at intervals of no more than 12 months for fall arrest and 6 months for rope access. For anchor devices used infrequently they may be used if they have been examined within the last 12 (6) months. [12.1.2]”


Every time the davit is used there should be a Pre-use inspection carried out by the user who should be suitably trained. Eurosafe can provide training to ensure the users are adequately trained to complete a pre-use inspection.

Eurosafe are able to provide a complete inspection regime to provide you with peace of mind that your Davit systems are safe for use.

Wayne Reid

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