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Why you should choose a freestanding guardrail system

Freestanding guardrails, often referred to as freestanding handrails, are a very popular solution for roof edge protection.

Benefits of freestanding guardrails


One of the main benefits of freestanding guardrails is that they do not cause damage to the surface on which they are installed. Freestanding guardrail systems have a counterweighted base, eliminating the need to penetrate the roof membrane.


When you select a freestanding guardrail for roof edge protection, you only pay for the exact amount of guardrail you need. A freestanding guardrail or handrail is considered a very cost-effective solution for existing buildings.


Freestanding guardrail systems can be tailored to fit your requirements and surroundings. They can be found in a variety of places, including industrial settings such as rooftops and maintenance platforms.

Compliance -based

Eurosafe’s permanent freestanding handrail and guardrail systems meet the BS 13700:2021 standard, providing peace of mind during installation and use.

Easy to install

Our freestanding guardrail products are simple to assemble and install due to their modular design, minimising disruption to your business.

SolidRail Guardrail Installation
SolidRail Guardrail Installation

Available Freestanding Guardrail Systems

SolidRail® Aluminium Guardrail 

BS 13700:2021 and BS EN 13374:2013 compliant, SolidRail® guardrail is a flexible, lightweight edge protection system that can be installed in a freestanding format.

The stanchions are made of rectangular box sections, which have a significantly smaller end profile than tubes, decreasing their visual impact.

The tubes are connected to the stanchions using a unique hidden drop-in fitting that does not detract from the stanchion’s aesthetics.

Tubes have a ferruled end, which allows for quick and easy fitting without the need for an additional joiner.

Steel Tube & Clamp Systems 

Tube and fitting handrail systems, available in both fixed and freestanding formats, are a versatile, cost-effective, and durable method to build guardrail systems for a wide range of applications.

The cast fittings are available in a wide variety of angles, joint details, and bends, allowing lengths of steel tube to be built up into a fixed permanent barrier on-site without the need for expensive and time-consuming welding, as well as eliminating the fire risks associated with this task.

The flat base guardrail system is completely freestanding, consequently there is no need to penetrate the roof membrane.

A unique low-profile base design means there are no unsightly counterbalance weights whilst a high-performance rubber mat placed between the base and the roof surface ensures no adverse effect on new or existing roof guarantees.

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