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Steel Tube & Clamp Systems

Tube and fitting type handrail systems in both a fixed and freestanding format offer a versatile, economical, and durable method of building guardrail systems in a variety of applications.

The cast fittings are available to suit a vast range of angles, joint details, and bends that allow lengths of steel tube to be built up into a fixed permanent barrier on site without the need for expensive and time-consuming welding and elimination of the fire risks associated with this task.

The fixed option is available in different tube sizes, from 17.5mm to 60.3mm. The support stanchions that hold the fittings can be fixed back to the structure of the building using either a standard palm base or we can design and fabricate a bespoke support bracket to suit the specific application.

The Flatbase guardrail system is completely freestanding which means there is no need to penetrate the roof membrane. A unique low-profile base design means there are no unsightly counterbalance weights whilst a high-performance rubber mat placed between the base and the roof surface ensures no adverse effect on new or existing roof guarantees. For particularly delicate roof surfaces, a specially designed spreader plate gives added protection and peace of mind.

The system is reversible for totally unobstructed access which is ideal for fire escape routes, a safe passage around hazardous plant and machinery, or roof lights. It comes with a fully galvanised (BS729) finish or can be powder coated in a range of colours to suit all our client’s requirements.

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ISteel Tube and Clamp SystemsMG_8960-1-960x640
Steel Tube and Clamp Systems

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