Anne Frank House

Safety Circle steps used in this project
The Anne Frank House

The client

Eurosafe NL have recently completed work on the historic Anne Frank House to ensure that it is safe for operatives to carry out maintenance work at the roof level.

The building

The museum has undergone an extensive renovation as it would like to provide more historical context and depth, and also to ensure that the growing number of visitors are better taken care of whilst keeping the authentic and historical character of the building intact.

The renovation was carried out by the main contractor Salverda Bouw, who were the successful bidder at the tender stage.

The Anne Frank House
The Anne Frank House - Case Study

The requirements

The renovation of the historic Anne Frank House offered a challenge for all parties involved. In order to be able to carry out maintenance work on the roofs after the renovation, a solution for safe working at height had to be found. One of the key requirements was that the museum must remain fully operational during the renovation.

Eurosafe had to take into consideration the type of maintenance work that will be carried out after the renovation, and what frequency they will be requiring access to the roof to determine what the best solution would be.

The solutions

Before the renovation, access to the roof was too close to the eaves and safe roof access was not possible without temporary fall protection.

As part of the renovations, the access point was relocated to a safe area of the roof.

In order to preserve the aesthetic value of the Anne Frank House, a demarcation system was installed approx. 4m from the fall hazard to clearly identify the area at roof level which is classed as a safe zone.

For occasions when access is required outside of the safe zone, high-quality MSA Latchways cable systems and freestanding Constant Force Posts have been installed to create a safe working environment for operatives required to carry out critical maintenance activities. This, unlike edge protection (such as guardrails), has minimal impact on the appearance of the building. When trained operatives are secured to the cable systems and anchor points with the appropriate PPE, they are able to carry out the required tasks in a safe manner.

These solutions reduce risk and provide a safe means of access when carrying out maintenance tasks on the various roofs. Eurosafe installed the safety provisions without any impact on the aesthetics and operations of the museum. The visitors and staff of the museum were not hindered in any way by the work being completed.

For more info about the solutions or this project please contact...

Daniel Capper

Business Development Director, Contracting

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