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Why a roof guardrail is one of the best pieces of height safety equipment

2nd February 2023

There are many reasons why someone may need to be on a rooftop. It could be for roof cleaning or solar panel installation and maintenance but no matter what the task is, safety is a priority. Whether it’s at a construction site or on the roof of your premises, you should look into every possible way to protect anyone that’s on your roof.

For this, there are many safety precautions that can be implemented such as roof anchor points and roof guardrails. However, a roof guardrail could be the better option if you're trying to decide between the two. For one thing, it rates higher on the control hierarchy than some other roof safety equipment. This means that it is more effective at preventing accidents.

Continue reading to find out why.

Roof guardrails create a physical barrier for people on the roof who may need to get close to the edge. With the help of the guardrail, anyone who is on the roof will feel safe while they work.

Roof guardrails are typically manufactured from high-grade aluminium. The benefit of having a roof guardrail made from aluminium is that it won’t corrode when exposed to rain and is UV resistant.

Another added benefit to a roof guardrail is you can get them custom-made. This is to give you the best in terms of safety as well as design. The guardrail won't negatively affect the appearance of your building, even if it is permanently installed.

SolidRail Roof edge protection
Remove the danger for anyone that needs to be on the rooftop of your building by installing a SolidRail® guardrail fall protection system.

Why is roof guardrail a better option?

roof anchor point may be your first thought when thinking about roof safety, but a permanent guardrail such as SolidRail® is a highly effective safety measure that should be considered when implementing the higher hierarchy of control to guide your decision-making process. It is undoubtedly the most reliable piece of height safety equipment available in many instances.

One reason for this is that a roof guardrail ranks higher on the control hierarchy than other types of roof safety equipment. This means that it is more effective at preventing accidents.

But why is this the case? A roof guardrail provides a physical barrier that prevents workers from accidentally falling off the roof. It also allows workers to move around freely without the need for additional safety equipment, such as harnesses or lanyards.

In addition, a roof guardrail is a permanent fixture that does not require any additional setup or maintenance. This means that once it is installed, it will continue to provide reliable protection for years to come.

By installing a permanent guardrail, you can ensure that your workers are protected from falls and other accidents while working at heights. This safety measure is particularly useful in situations where other safety measures may not be feasible or practical.

Guardrail installation

You’ll need to make sure that whatever safety equipment you choose is installed correctly. Efficiency is not only about how the equipment is made but also how it's installed. We offer professional guardrail installation services to ensure that your safety is maximized. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service possible, ensuring that your guardrails are installed to the highest standards.

Overall, if you are looking for a reliable and effective way to ensure the safety of workers on rooftops, a roof guardrail is an excellent choice.

Learn more about SolidRail® Guardrail installation
SolidRail Guardrail Installation
SolidRail Guardrail Installation

Working at heights can be extremely dangerous, which is why it’s important to consider multiple options for managing height safety. Don’t limit yourself to just one approach. Instead, explore all the available options to reduce the likelihood of accidents or falls. By doing so, you can dramatically improve safety and minimize the risks associated with working at heights. Remember, safety should always be a top priority, and taking a comprehensive approach to height safety is the best way to ensure that everyone stays safe and secure.

Here are a few other options:

The availability of all of these safety options helps you provide the best possible roof safety no matter who is going onto the rooftop. Accidents can happen at any time, so it is important to be prepared with the correct safety gear. Make sure your people are wearing the appropriate PPE on-site and on rooftops.


Do you need a permanent or temporary roof guardrail installed on your roof? Contact us to discuss your requirements or to request a free quote.

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