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Xtirpa Pole Hoist system
Xtirpa Pole Hoist system
Xtirpa Pole Hoist system
Xtirpa Pole Hoist system
Xtirpa Pole Hoist system
Xtirpa Pole Hoist system

Xtirpa Pole Hoist System

The Xtirpa Pole Hoist system is a very simple system for working safely in confined spaces. It uses an alternate anchor point located near the manhole for stability. This makes this an option that is very cost effective.

The system consists of two parts, namely the T-shaped support and the arm that is attached to it. These are both adjustable so that they can be tailored to the situation. It also has a bracket on which a fall block with a rescue function can be mounted. This ensures that a person can be hoisted out of a horizontal or vertical manhole.

The advantages of the Xtirpa Pole Hoist system are:

  • Easy in use
  • Cost-efficient
  • Suitable for carrying a person away once it has been lifted out of a manhole

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The Xtirpa Pole Hoist system is a confined space solution that uses an alternative anchor point. It has a T-shaped support that is attached to the surface. The arm that is attached to this should be attached to an alternative anchor point to give the system strength. The system is a very economical product as it uses an anchor point on location. However, this is also a direct disadvantage as there is not always an anchor point available at the confined space.

If the system is attached to an anchor point, it can be used excellently for vertical, but also horizontal entrances to confined spaces. This makes this system versatile to use for almost all confined spaces where an alternative anchor point is available.


The Xtirpa Pole Hoist system meets the requirements of the EN 795 type A, B and E standard.

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