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Xtirpa Davitarm with Barrier
Xtirpa Davitarm with Barrier
Xtirpa Davitarm with Barrier
Xtirpa Davitarm with Barrier
Xtirpa Davitarm with Barrier
Xtirpa Davitarm with Barrier

Xtirpa Davit arm with Barrier

The barrier is collapsible, making it easy to carry. Before use, the barrier can be easily folded open and attached to each other. This forms the basis for this system, as the manhole is cordoned off for unauthorized persons. This barrier forms the anchorage for the Davit arm that will be installed on it. This can be fully attached to the system or additional stability can be created by adding a stabilizer. This allows a person to be removed from above the manhole and to descend outside the fence.

The advantages of the Xtirpa Davit arm with barrier are:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Ready to use quickly
  • Collective fall protection from the manhole

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The Xtirpa Davit arm with barrier is a solution for safe entry into confined spaces. The system consists of a barrier and a Davit arm of 610 mm. In this application, the barrier is placed around the manhole, and the Davit arm is then attached to the barrier.

Because this system has a barrier, it is well-suited for use in public places. The barrier provides a demarcation so that bystanders cannot accidentally fall into the manhole. This makes it ideal for use in manholes on the street, for sewer cleaning and/or inspections. The barrier can easily be expanded for a larger safer area.


The Xtirpa Davit arm on fencing complies with EN 795 types A, B, and E.

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