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Ladderlatch Device
MSA Latchways LadderLatch - Rung / String Mounted
LadderLatch System
Ladderlatch Device
MSA Latchways LadderLatch - Rung / String Mounted
LadderLatch System

MSA Latchways LadderLatch - Rung / String Mounted

The MSA Latchways LadderLatch is a vertical rope system that provides personal protection when climbing ladders. It prevents a person from falling from a ladder by means of a connection to the vertical cable system. This system can be tailor-made for almost any ladder. Using a variety of brackets, the LadderLatch system can be fitted to ladder rungs, box section ladders, T-section ladders and flat or round ladder stringers. The system can be fitted to round, square, triangular or ‘L’ shaped rungs.

  • For steel or aluminium ladders
  • For all rung types
  • Can be rung or stringer mounted


The MSA Latchways LadderLatch offers excellent personal security. It can be used as almost any type of ladder due to its flexibility. It is mostly used on industrial ladders, including chimneys, towers, cranes and silos.

The star wheel component on the system provides the connection between the system and a user. This runs smoothly over the system in normal use. When a worker falls, the device immediately locks onto the system cable, stopping the fall.


The LadderLatch is based on MSA Latchways’ unique star wheel component, which attaches to the LadderLatch cable. As a result, the employee is always attached to the system for maximum safety while carrying out the work. In addition, this means that the system can be used hands-free. This ensures that the focus can be placed on the activity to be performed.

A worker attached to the Latchways ladder system is much less likely to be injured in a fall compared to a traditional cage ladder. The rings in the cage ladder ensure that an employee does not fall backwards. However, these rings also pose a threat to the employee in the event of a fall.

The MSA Latchways Ladderlatch has many advantages, namely:

  • Can follow the contours of the structure

  • Can be retrofitted or as part of a new construction

  • The system is unobtrusive and lightweight

  • Operation is not affected by snow, ice or other adverse weather conditions

  • Installation is possible for almost all environments

  • Can be integrated with vertical, sloping and horizontal sections

  • Supports use by up to four people

  • LadderLatch star wheel component runs smoothly along the intermediate cable guides

  • In the event of a fall, the LadderLatch device locks onto the cable and stops the fall

  • Built-in energy-absorbing elements protect the end anchors against excessive loads in the event of a fall

  • The LadderLatch device can be attached or removed at any point in the system


TypeCable system
ApplicationOn ladders
Attachment pointsTop and bottom of ladder
Size8mm cable
CertificationApplicable International Standards

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