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Lock & Load
Lock & Load
Lock and Load
Lock and Load
Lock and Load
Lock and Load
Lock and Load
Lock & Load
Lock & Load
Lock and Load

Lock and Load

Lock and Load is a unique rail or overhead system for safe working on large means of transport and containers. Work such as loading and unloading, repair, and cleaning can be performed safely on the roof of a tanker/container, with this system. EN 795: 2012 type D&E certified.

  • No pendulum effect in the event of a fall
  • Suitable for two people
  • Movable modular system


Lock and Load is a unique system applicable in the transport, construction and energy sectors. It offers the certified solution for safe working at height, where work can be done over a maximum length of 8 meters directly under the fall arrest block. This prevents a pendulum effect in the event of a fall.

The movable system is located on a flat and solid surface. Any irregularities are lifted with the help of adjustable feet. Trucks or comparable means of transport drive under the arrangement. The mechanic or driver secures himself to the lanyard and climbs onto the car on a leash, where the work can be carried out safely.

By adding an extra fall block on the rail and the use of an extra harness, it is possible to carry out work with two people at the same time.

The solution for work at oil and gas stations, mining, construction sites, wind energy, transportation, utilities, telecom and municipalities.


The Lock and Load can be placed in four different configurations. A single (V-variant) or double (cross-variant) arrangement offers space for one or two 20-foot container (s), respectively, a working field of 8 meters. And by linking multiple systems, a work street is created. Linking is infinitely possible, depending on the space and the activities demand it. The cross arrangement also allows for simultaneous work on two sides.

The system has a concrete base of 5,985 kg and can, if desired, be moved with a crane. By using a concrete base, it is not necessary to break up the paving for laying a foundation. This saves risks in extra work, time and costs. Moreover, the foot can be adjusted in height, so that it can also be placed stably on an irregular surface.

The Lock and Load is also provided with a counterweight and can be anchored or moved. As a result, the Lock and Load is EN 795 certified for class D and E.

Depending on the version, the Lock and Load is supplied including a 6-meter multirail (s), rail end stop (s), wheel overhead runner (s), stainless steel brackets 1, 6-meter break block (s) SRL, Lock and Load stand alone, Lock and load counter weight and mounting. A set of brackets is also supplied with the cross variant.

Optional are a double fall arrest block, harness, collision protection and a staircase or ladder.


The Lock and Load complies with EN 795: 2012 type D&E certification.

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