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IKAR 50m Gotcha Rescue Kit
IKAR 50m Gotcha Rescue Kit

IKAR 50m Gotcha Rescue Kit

The Gotcha rescue kit is a unique solution to a problem faced by all workers at height who use PPE for protection against falls.

The Gotcha Rescue Kit offers a unique and essential solution for workers at height who rely on personal protective equipment (PPE) to guard against falls. Unlike many rescue provisions that target extreme height activities, the Gotcha kit is specifically designed for tradesmen using standard fall protection gear.

In the unfortunate event of a fall, being suspended in a harness can be just as critical for tradesmen as for any other worker, necessitating a swift and efficient rescue. The Gotcha Rescue Kit ensures that rescues are conducted safely and effectively, whether the casualty is conscious or unconscious.

  • No-cut kit
  • Can raise and lower casualty
  • Pre-assembled kit

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Key Features

  • Versatile Rescue Compatibility: Suitable for use with fall arrest lanyards and fall arrest blocks.

  • No-Cut Design: The casualty is raised to release their original attachment without the need for cutting.

  • Bidirectional Rescue Capability: Allows for both raising and lowering of the casualty in a controlled manner to the nearest point of safety.

  • Pre-Assembled Kit: Comes ready to use with no assembly required by the user.

  • Remote Attachment: Enables attachment from a point of safety, ensuring the rescuer's security.

  • Single Person Operation: Designed for a single person to perform the rescue.

  • Colour-Coded Simplicity: The kit is colour-coded to facilitate easy and quick operation.

Important: This equipment should only be used by persons trained in its proper use.

The Gotcha Rescue Kit provides an efficient and user-friendly solution for the critical task of rescuing suspended workers, ensuring their safety and swift recovery in emergency situations.


TypeClassic rescue
Product Part CodeIKGBGOT50

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