Hallamshire Tennis and Squash Club, Sheffield

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The client

Hallamshire Tennis Club LogoHallamshire Tennis and Squash Club, located in Sheffield, required efficient rooftop access for routine maintenance and cleaning of gutters, as well as repairs. The project aimed to enhance worker safety while ensuring the longevity and functionality of the club's roof.

The requirements

The Hallamshire Tennis and Squash Club sought a reliable and safe solution for accessing their rooftop to carry out regular gutter maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. With a commitment to maintaining the integrity of their facilities, the club required a solution that would enable efficient and secure access for their maintenance team.

The solutions

After assessing the client's requirements, a comprehensive plan was developed to address the rooftop access and safety concerns. The proposed solutions included the following components:

Cat Ladders

Three cat ladders by Roofco were recommended and installed to provide easy access to the rooftop. These ladders were strategically positioned to ensure optimal access to different areas of the roof. The cat ladders were designed and installed in compliance with industry standards for safe access and ease of use.

Rooflight Covers

To ensure the safety of workers while accessing the roof, MSA Latchways rooflight covers were installed. These covers are specifically designed to prevent accidental falls through fragile roof materials, such as skylights or rooflights. The MSA rooflight covers provided an added layer of protection, mitigating the risk of accidents and injuries.

Roof Walkway System

MSA Walksafe® walkways were implemented to create designated pathways on the rooftop. These walkways served multiple purposes: facilitating safe movement for workers, preventing accidental damage to the roof surface, and distributing the load evenly across the structure. The walkways were designed to withstand varying weather conditions, ensuring durability and longevity.

Topfix Guardrails

Roofco Topfix guardrails were installed to provide a secure gutter end to the rooftop. These guardrails were specifically designed to offer fall protection for workers and prevent unauthorised access to hazardous areas. The guardrails were installed in compliance with relevant safety regulations to ensure maximum protection for personnel.

Cat Ladder
Cat Ladder
Cat Ladder
Rooflight Cover
Roof Walkway System

Implementation and results

The implementation of the proposed solutions was carried out by our team of experienced professionals specialising in rooftop access and safety. The project was completed within the agreed timeframe, adhering to all safety protocols and guidelines.

The installation of the cat ladders, rooflight covers, walkways, and guardrails significantly improved rooftop access, worker safety, and overall maintenance efficiency at Hallamshire Tennis and Squash Club.

The cat ladders provided convenient access points, eliminating the need for improvised solutions and reducing the risk of accidents associated with alternative access methods.

The installation of MSA rooflight covers effectively mitigated the risk of falls through fragile roof materials, ensuring the safety of maintenance personnel while working on the rooftop.

The MSA Walksafe® walkways not only facilitated safe movement but also protected the roof surface from potential damage caused by accidental foot traffic. Additionally, the load distribution feature minimized the structural stress on the roof, promoting its longevity.

The Roofco Topfix guardrails created a secure barrier, preventing falls and unauthorized access to hazardous areas of the rooftop. This enhanced safety measure significantly reduced the risk of accidents and potential liability for the club.


The implementation of cat ladders, rooflight covers, walkways, and guardrails successfully addressed the client's requirements for rooftop access, gutter maintenance, cleaning, and repairs at Hallamshire Tennis and Squash Club. The project resulted in enhanced worker safety and improved maintenance.

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