Gatwick Train Station

Safety Circle steps used in this project
Ascent Walkway & Steps System


The Gatwick Train Station upgrade, a critical component of the broader Brighton Main Line improvement initiative, aims to enhance the station's capacity and improve passenger experience. This project is a part of Network Rail's commitment to upgrade infrastructure, ensuring safety, efficiency, and modern facilities for travellers. Gatwick Airport Station, serving as a key transit hub, necessitated significant upgrades to accommodate increasing passenger numbers and future-proof its operations.

The requirements

The project's specific requirements included:

  • Back of House: Full access to the flat roof area for maintenance and safety inspections.

  • Platform 3 & 4: General roof access to gutters to ensure proper drainage and maintenance.

  • Main Concourse Roof: General access to ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) rooflights and gutters for regular maintenance and cleaning.

The solutions

To meet these requirements, the following solutions were employed:

Back of House – Free Standing Guardrail

To ensure safe access across the entire flat roof area without compromising the structural integrity of the building a free standing guardrail provided a non-penetrative solution, offering collective protection without the need for fixing into the roof membrane, thereby maintaining the roof's waterproofing integrity.

Main Concourse Roof – MSA ManSafe Systems

To provide secure and efficient access to ETFE rooflights and gutters, the MSA ManSafe Systems were installed. This system enabled safe access for maintenance personnel to perform necessary inspections and cleaning, ensuring the rooflights and gutters remain functional and in good condition.

Platform 3 & 4 – Ascent Aluminium Walkway & Steps

To facilitate safe and easy access to the roof gutters the Ascent Aluminium Walkway & Steps system provided a durable and slip-resistant path, allowing maintenance crews to navigate the roof area safely and efficiently.

Main Concourse Roof – Ascent Aluminium Walkway & Steps

Similar to Platform 3 & 4, the objective was to ensure safe access to roof areas. This system was crucial for maintaining the ETFE rooflights and gutters, offering a robust and reliable access route for maintenance tasks.

Platform 3 & 4 – MSA ManSafe Systems

To ensure comprehensive safety for personnel accessing the roof areas, the ClimbLatch ManSafe Systems were installed. This system provided fall protection and secure access points, enhancing overall safety during maintenance operations.

Ascent Walkway & Steps System
MSA Latchways ManSafe and Ascent Walkway & Steps Systems
Ascent Walkway & Steps System

The outcome

The implementation of these solutions by Lindner Prater Ltd. significantly enhanced the safety and accessibility of Gatwick Train Station's roof areas. The tailored safety systems ensured that maintenance personnel could perform their duties efficiently without compromising their safety or the integrity of the station's infrastructure. These upgrades are a pivotal part of the station's modernisation, aligning with Network Rail's goal to deliver a more reliable and user-friendly railway service.

For more details on the Gatwick Train Station upgrade, visit the Network Rail project page

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