33 Charterhouse Street, London

33 Charterhouse Street, London

The client

Situated on the bustling corner of Charterhouse Street and Farringdon Road, 33 Charterhouse Street stands tall as a beacon of modern development in the heart of London. With its 10-story structure encompassing 18,600 square meters (200,000 square feet) of space, this architectural marvel offers high-quality, tech-enabled offices along with retail spaces on the ground floor.

Additionally, the building boasts three terraces, providing panoramic views of central London, making it an attractive and sought-after location for businesses.

33 Charterhouse Street, London
33 Charterhouse Street, London - Case Study

The challenge

Despite its modern amenities and striking design, ensuring the safety of workers and visitors in a building of such stature posed a significant challenge. With several stories towering above ground level, maintaining proper fall protection measures became paramount.

The need to comply with stringent safety regulations while providing unobstructed views from the terraces presented a unique dilemma for the management of 33 Charterhouse Street.

The solutions

To address these challenges effectively, Eurosafe, a leading provider of innovative safety solutions, was engaged to devise and implement a comprehensive safety plan tailored to the unique requirements of 33 Charterhouse Street. The solution included:

Installation of Horizontal Fall Protection Cable System

Eurosafe installed a state-of-the-art horizontal fall protection cable system across strategic locations of the building. This system ensured that workers could move freely across the terraces and other elevated areas while being securely tethered to prevent falls.

Annual Inspection and Maintenance

Recognising the importance of regular maintenance for safety equipment, Eurosafe organised an annual inspection of the installed fall protection systems. This proactive approach ensured that any potential issues were identified and addressed promptly, maintaining the efficacy of the safety measures.

Employee Training

To empower employees with the knowledge and skills required to utilise the installed safety equipment effectively, Eurosafe provided comprehensive working at height training sessions. These sessions covered proper usage techniques, emergency procedures, and general safety guidelines, equipping employees with the confidence to navigate elevated areas safely.

Supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In addition to installing safety systems, Eurosafe supplied the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) required for employees to use the installed systems safely. This included harnesses, lanyards, and other safety gear, ensuring full compliance with safety regulations and standards.

Results and benefits

The implementation of Eurosafes' safety measures at 33 Charterhouse Street yielded numerous benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Safety: The installation of the horizontal fall protection cable system significantly reduced the risk of falls from elevated areas, ensuring the safety of workers and visitors.

  • Compliance: By adhering to strict safety regulations and conducting annual inspections, 33 Charterhouse Street remained compliant with industry standards, minimizing the risk of regulatory penalties.

  • Efficiency: Employees were equipped with the necessary training and equipment to carry out their duties safely and efficiently, contributing to overall productivity and workflow.

  • Peace of Mind: With robust safety measures in place, both management and occupants of 33 Charterhouse Street could enjoy peace of mind, knowing that they were protected against potential hazards.

The collaboration between Eurosafe and 33 Charterhouse Street exemplifies the importance of prioritising safety in modern developments.

By implementing innovative safety solutions tailored to the specific needs of the building, Eurosafe not only enhanced safety but also contributed to the overall success and reputation of 33 Charterhouse Street as a premier commercial space in central London.

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