Fall Protection Test and Inspection

Reducing human error with fall protection systems

Research has shown that a high percentage of accidents that occur during work at height are as a result of human error. Employers and the construction industry are committed to reducing the risks to workers when operating at height and the need to reduce human error. One of the ways in which this can be done is through effective choice of PPE (personal protective equipment).

When lanyards are being used as part of a fall arrest or fall restraint system, human errors can occur during the clipping on and clipping off process of the karabiners. As a result of an error of judgment or an attempt to get the job done as quickly as possible, failure to reattach the karabiners to the fall arrest system or attaching them incorrectly can result in a serious fall.

Making use of a traveller system can help to reduce the human errors that may occur when using lanyards at height. Travellers minimise the need for users to detach and re-attach to fall arrest systems, even when moving around corners.  A traveller can ensure that the individual working at height has the security of being attached to the fall arrest system.

The use of a traveller system complies with Work at Height regulations 2005 as it helps to minimise the risk of a fall occurring as a result of human error, by locking on to the system cable to arrest the user.

Eurosafe offer a range of Latchways Travellers to be used alongside fall arrest systems, fixed ladders, rooftops, facades and on both inclined and horizontal systems.  It is important to remember that for safe use, all cable and rail-based fall protection systems must be used with the most appropriate travelling device.

Standard Transfastener - This traveller can be used on all of Latchways horizontal systems with an entry gate and is suitable for working in both fall arrest and fall restraint. The Transfastener has a starwheel design which allows continuous movement even when passing cable supports and around corners.

Removable Transfastener - The Removable Transfastener is one of the most popular forms of traveller within the industry. This is because it enables users to cross cable supports, move along horizontal systems, around corners and can be attached at any point on the Latchways systems.

ClimbLatch device - The ClimbLatch device is ideal for use on inclined and vertical systems. The device will allow users to travel the full length of the system without the need to detach and re-attach.

LadderLatch device - This device is used on any type of fixed ladder and operates with a unique starwheel component which provides the worker with the security of being constantly attached to the ladder system.


Standard Transfastener
Removable Transfastener

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