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Protective barriers still need inspecting!

1st June 2018

Protective barriers may be one of the simplest forms of fall protection but still require inspection and maintenance.

Protective barriers, commonly in the form of railings or balustrading, are provided within and around most buildings. They are designed to prevent people from falling or accessing areas which could be hazardous.

Following the hierarchy of control, these are widely used as one of the simplest and most effective forms of fall protection. When correctly installed and maintained this equipment requires a much lower level of user competence.

Often located close to the hazard itself, there is a risk of serious injury should the system fall into disrepair. This, plus the need to comply with current legislation, means that your collective fall protection systems must be regularly inspected. This is best carried out by competent and experienced professionals, like Eurosafe.

Glass balustrades are another form of edge protection and are an extremely popular use of structural glazing in modern architectural design. Frameless glass balustrades can be used both internally or externally to provide a barrier for staircases, balconies, roof terraces or access ramps.

Glass Balustrade
Freestanding Versirail
Flatbase Guardrail

Protective Barrier Inspection

Our inspection service has been developed to minimise the risks associated with collective fall protection systems. Each piece of equipment we inspect is carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations, British standards and manufacturer's recommendations.

When the examination is completed, we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings along with certification for each item that passes.

Our ultimate aim of the test and inspection process is to ensure your guardrails and other permanent barriers are fully compliant, so minimise the risks of falls to users.

Do you have the confidence and peace of mind that your collective fall protection systems are compliant?

Wayne Reid

For more information on guardrail & barrier inspections please contact...

Wayne Reid

Inspection & Maintenance Sales Director

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