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No roof assessment? Don't run the risk!

4th September 2018

Reports of accidents at work appear almost daily. Sometimes they result in minor injuries, but in some cases the consequences can be more severe. These cases have consequences for the employer as well as the person injured. A roof assessment & evaluation can help provide valuable information about the occupational risks associated with working at height.

A roof assessment plays an essential part in helping reduce and eliminate accidents. Height safety assets and items that require planned preventative maintenance (PPM), are recorded and mapped. An evaluation is then carried out to determine it these are suitable for the task(s) required. A plan of action is then put forward if required to increase overall safety.

The roof area is categorised into zones using a “RAG” system (red, amber & green). This helps prioritise areas where risks are deemed as higher.

What does a Roof Assessment add?

The Roof Assessment is an inventory of the equipment on the roof and shows the risks that can occur for employees. Some of the benefits include the following:

  • Identifies access requirements

  • Helps increase overall safety

  • Minimises costly operational downtime

  • Provides rates to maintain existing equipment for budgetary requirements

  • Identifies and clearly colour codes high risk areas

  • Identifies the minimum level of training required

  • Details PPE required to be used in conjunction with the equipment installed

In addition, the roof assessment & evaluation forms the basis for a plan of approach.

Eurosafe Height Safety Consultancy
Eurosafe Height Safety Consultancy - Roof Assessment & Evaluation

Current Roof Assessments & Evaluations

Once the roof assessment has been completed, we will discuss our findings and look at available options for you. It is important to keep your roof assessment up to date should any changes be made to the roof.

Eurosafe will be happy to assist you in creating your roof assessment and implementing the first step towards an overall height maintenance plan.

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