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The Importance of Training for Work at Height

18th January 2023

Here we take a look at training for work at height, why you need it and what benefits you’ll see from doing the training.

Why do you need work at height training?

Working at height is dangerous and often unavoidable. It is therefore vitally important to be trained and equipped to understand how to work at height safely. The HS (G) 33 Government working at height regulation states that anyone who works at a level off the ground is working at height, whether that be on a ladder, mobile platform, or gangway.

If workers aren't properly trained and if that training isn't regularly refreshed, then there's a greater risk of accidents that could be dangerous or even deadly. We make sure to assess workers' individual requirements and provide the appropriate level of training. This creates a much safer workplace where risks are minimized and everyone has a lot more peace of mind.

HS (G) 33 Health & Safety in Roof Work 1998 appendix 3.7 states “adequate information, instruction, training, and supervision should be given when a fall arrest system is used.” With this in mind, Eurosafe is the only company to offer Latchways approved training in the use of fall protection equipment.

Who should attend?

Anyone who works at heights would be eligible to attend our training on working at heights. This is also important for managers and supervisors, who need to understand the risks and legal requirements for working at heights. By understanding the risks and benefits of working at heights, teams can work more safely and efficiently.

What will you learn about?

Our training sessions are a tailored experience, depending on what you and your company require, but in general you can expect to learn about the latest updates to regulations, as well as what they mean for your business. We’ll ensure you’re compliant with regulations, reducing the risk of injury.

You’ll also be able to discuss with us the best ways to ensure safety on your projects, both present and future.

We’ll also make sure you and your employees understand how best to use PPE associated with work at heights.

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How will we teach you?

First off, we have a state-of-the-art Training Academy at our head office in Sheffield, which enables us to give both classroom and practical training in the use of all types of access equipment commonly found in the UK; all in a safe, clean, and controlled environment. We can also create real-life scenarios within this controlled environment, using a wide selection of different fall protection equipment. Our training sessions can also be tailored to be site-specific, meaning we’ll come to you – saving you the hassle of organizing transport and accommodation for your workforce!

We offer dedicated training on a wide variety of subjects, including;

  • Horizontal fall protection systems

  • Vertical fall protection systems

  • Rescue from height

  • Harness, lanyard, and arrester blocks

  • Basic and advanced rooftop safety

You’ll get practical instruction on your chosen course, including getting hands-on with the equipment, plus you’ll be given the theoretical knowledge you need. You will also have the opportunity to ask our work at height experts any of those burning questions that you’ve always had.

We round-off with a practical demonstration on-site as to the correct usage of PPE on your site.

You’ll receive a certificate on completion of the course that is valid for three years. Don’t worry if you think you may need further training in the future, as we offer work at height refresher classes.

For more information about training please contact...

Simon Miller

Training Manager, Training & PPE

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