Exploring the benefits of Latchways ManSafe fall protection systems

10th April 2024
Constant Force Post

Working at height is an inherent part of many industries, from construction to maintenance. However, with such work comes the risk of falls, which can result in serious injuries or fatalities. To mitigate these risks, companies invest in reliable fall protection systems, and one such system gaining recognition is the Latchways ManSafe system.

Let's explore the key benefits of this innovative solution and how it ensures safety for workers at height.

Versatility in application

The Latchways ManSafe fall protection systems are designed with versatility in mind. The components are specifically tailored for fall arrest applications, allowing users to work safely whether they are attached vertically, horizontally, around bends, or on inclines. This flexibility ensures that workers have the freedom to perform their tasks without compromising safety, regardless of the configuration of the working environment.

Choice between Traditional Post and CFP Systems

When it comes to fixed fall protection systems, Latchways offers both traditional post systems and Constant Force Post (CFP) systems. While traditional fixed systems require an additional energy absorber, CFP systems come equipped with built-in energy absorption capabilities. This not only simplifies the installation process but also enhances the overall efficiency of the system, providing reliable protection against falls.

Roof compatibility

One of the standout features of ManSafe systems is their compatibility with various roof types. Whether it's standing seam, composite, built-up-on-site, secret-fix, or membrane roofs, ManSafe systems are specifically designed to accommodate them all. This ensures that regardless of the roofing material, workers have access to reliable fall protection, enabling them to carry out their tasks with confidence.

Preservation of roof integrity

Concerns about damaging the roof during installation of fall protection systems are not uncommon. However, with ManSafe systems, this concern is alleviated. When installed and tested correctly, ManSafe devices not only ensure the safety of workers but also preserve the integrity of the roof. This means that businesses can maintain the functionality and longevity of their roofs without compromising on safety.

Routine testing and maintenance

Ensuring the effectiveness of fall protection systems requires regular testing and maintenance. In accordance with industry standards such as BS EN795 and BS7883, ManSafe systems should be inspected and tested at least every 12 months. Additionally, independent risk assessments should be conducted to determine if more frequent inspections are necessary. To support businesses in meeting these requirements, Eurosafe offers a nationwide ManSafe system testing service tailored to the specific needs of each portfolio.

Constant Force System
Eurosafe Constant Force System Installation


The Latchways ManSafe fall protection system stands out for its versatility, compatibility, and commitment to safety. By providing reliable protection against falls and preserving the integrity of roofs, ManSafe systems enable workers to carry out their tasks at height with confidence. With routine testing and maintenance, businesses can ensure the ongoing effectiveness of their fall protection systems, safeguarding the well-being of their employees and maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

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