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Safeguarding solar PV installation and maintenance

21st March 2024

In the dynamic landscape of renewable energy, solar power stands as a beacon of sustainable progress. With an exponential rise in rooftop installations, ensuring the safety of installers becomes paramount. Explore the intricacies of solar panel installation and maintenance hazards, along with proactive measures to mitigate risks effectively.

The United Kingdom is witnessing a remarkable surge in solar energy adoption, emblematic of global trends towards greener alternatives. Recent statistics reveal a burgeoning solar capacity, with over 15.1 GW spread across approximately 1.3 million installations as of May 2023. Projections indicate a steadfast trajectory, envisioning solar energy to claim a substantial share of the UK's electricity generation by 2030.

Embracing safety during solar installation and maintenance

Harnessing solar power entails more than just tapping into renewable resources; it requires a meticulous approach to safety, especially concerning rooftop installations. From electrocution risks to potential falls, navigating the hazards demands vigilance and proactive measures.


The inherent electrical nature of photovoltaic (PV) systems poses a significant risk of electrocution. Technicians, particularly novices, face peril when unaware of the system intricacies. Vigilant inspection, proper grounding, and adherence to safety protocols are imperative to mitigate this hazard effectively.

Fire and Burns

Faulty wiring and inadvertent exposure to flammable elements pose a looming threat of fires and burns during installation. Prudent site surveys, meticulous wiring, and cautious handling of equipment are essential to avert potential catastrophes.

Falls from Heights

Working on rooftops demands a comprehensive fall protection strategy. Guardrails, rooflight protection, walkways, and lifeline systems offer robust safeguards against the looming risk of falls. Employing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and training, as well as adhering to safety guidelines, are paramount in mitigating this risk.

Planning for Safety

Thorough risk assessments, competency evaluations, and contingency planning form the bedrock of safety protocols. From scrutinising roof layouts to assessing worker proficiency, meticulous planning ensures a secure work environment and swift response to contingencies.

Solar Panel Installation, Handrail
Eurosafe Case Study - Blackfriars Station, London - Solar Panel Installation, Handrail

Eurosafe Safety Solutions

Implementing robust safety solutions is pivotal for ensuring safety during solar PV installation and maintenance.

As specialists in working at height, Eurosafe can provide innovative, robust, and cost-effective fall protection solutions tailored to the unique demands of solar installation and maintenance:

  1. Roof Guardrails: Offering unyielding protection, guardrails fortify rooftops against falls, providing a reliable shield for workers.

  2. Rooflight Protection: Fragile skylights warrant vigilant protection through guardrails or specialised covers, averting potential accidents.

  3. Roof Walkways: Navigating rooftops safely, walkway systems enable secure access to panels while mitigating fall risks.

  4. Horizontal Lifelines: Facilitating safe movement across roofs, lifeline systems bolster worker safety, minimising the risks of falls.

  5. Ladder Systems: Choosing sturdy, appropriate ladders and additional safety features ensures secure rooftop access.

  6. PPE: Employing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment design for working at height and adhering to safety guidelines are paramount in mitigating this risk.

  7. Height Safety Training: Ensuring your workers receive adequate and regular training required for safe working at heights.

Aluminium Walkway System
Access Ladders
Teesside University walkway and mansafe

Envisioning a safer tomorrow

In the realm of solar panel installation and maintenance, proactive safety measures pave the path to long-lasting success.

Contact us today to see how we can help you address all your height safety requirements and mitigate any potential risks.


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