Wind Turbine Inspection

Wind Turbine Inspection

The whole purpose of a turbine is to generate the maximum energy throughout its lifespan, minimising downtime is key to this. Wind turbines, by their very nature, are located in exposed, often remote sites meaning they can be more susceptible to degradation, and maintenance can be difficult. 

At Eurosafe, we inspect hundreds of turbines across the UK ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum.

The inspections of safety-critical equipment within wind turbines is just one area of our expertise. We can ensure that all assets remain compliant and therefore safe for use.

Inspection of wind turbines can incorporate several fall protection and height safety components. To ensure your business is fully compliant, our services may include inspections of the following:

  • Fixed Access Ladders & Steps

  • Single Point Anchors

  • Vertical Fall Arrest Systems

  • Rescue Equipment

  • Goods Hoist

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Passenger Lifts

  • SRL Blocks

Business responsibilities

Work At Heights Regulations state that 'every employer shall take suitable and sufficient measures to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, any person falling a distance liable to cause personal injury'.

This incorporates wind turbines, as employees will often be working at height during maintenance and operation of equipment, therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure fall protection equipment on site is sufficiently checked and certified.

Our team can provide minimal downtime inspections of all wind turbine protective equipment onsite, ensuring your business is fully compliant, whilst minimising disruption. All work carried out by our inspection team is delivered in accordance with current British Standards, including, but not limited to, BS EN 50308-2004.

Regulations & references

British Standards BS EN 50308:2004 Wind Turbines outlines protective measures, design requirements, operation, and maintenance for wind turbines and wind power, including the need for regular planned maintenance of its components.

Other regulations which may refer to wind turbines and the protective equipment included are:

Frequency of inspection

Wind turbine inspections can incorporate the testing of a multitude of fall protection equipment. In accordance with BS EN 50308-2004, it is recommended that equipment is checked and maintained on an annual basis. However, this may need to be more frequent, depending upon the types of fall protection used, for example; abseil anchor points should be inspected on a six-monthly basis.

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