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Petzl Avao Bod Fast
Petzl Avao Bod Fast
Petzl Avao Bod Fast
Petzl Avao Bod Fast
Petzl Avao Bod Fast
Petzl Avao Bod Fast
Petzl Avao Bod Fast
Petzl Avao Bod Fast
Petzl Avao Bod Fast

Petzl Avao Bod Fast

The Petzl Avao Bod Fast is a safety harness that is suitable for fall protection, work positioning and work that requires hanging in the harness. The many functionalities and the soft foam fillings make it an extremely comfortable harness.

  • High quality harness
  • Multiple functions
  • Comfortable

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The Petzl Avao Bod Fast is a comfortable harness that can be used for fall protection and work positioning. In addition, it can be used for activities where the harness must be hung, such as climbing work.


The Petzl Avao Bod Fast is designed for more comfort in all situations.

  • The X-shaped back construction ensures that the pressure points are reduced during prolonged loading.

  • The wide waist belt and leg loops provide excellent support when the harness has to be hung.

  • The design is lightweight.

  • The padding of the harness is lined with breathable perforated foam which maximizes air flow.

  • The foam shoulder straps are widely spaced to reduce neck chafing.

  • When the hip belt is loaded with tools, for example, the shoulder straps also help to distribute the load over the shoulders.

In addition to the above points, the Avao Bod Fast also delivers excellent comfort in the functionalities it offers:

  • The waist belt and shoulder straps are equipped with double-back buckles for quick and easy adjustment

  • The leg loops are equipped with FAST buckles for easy opening and closing without having to readjust. Even while wearing gloves

  • Attachment points on the waist belt for work positioning that can be folded to prevent accidental snagging

  • Six preformed material loops with protective cover

  • Four caritool tool holders

  • Two slots for a toolbag

In the event of a fall on the attachment point on the back, the load is distributed over the leg loops, allowing the user to wait longer while awaiting rescue

The Petzl Avao Bod Fast also has a fall indicator. When a red belt appears on the attachment point on the back, the harness may no longer be used.


The Petzl Avao Bod Fast meets the EN 361, EN 358 and EN 813 standard.


TypeComfort harness
ApplicationFall protection, work positioning, climbing
Attachment pointsChest, stomach, back, hip, back band, tool holders
CertificationEN361, EN358, EN813
Product Part CodesC071BA 00 (Size 0) C071BA 01 (Size 1) C071BA 02 (Size 2)

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