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The Do's and Dont's of PPE

Recent research by the Health and Safety Executive has found that 70% of accidents within the workplace were a direct result of human error which suggests that further education and training is needed.

Further to this, research highlighted that inadequacies with equipment, particularly Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) were identified in over half (56%) of the incidents. This underlines the consequences of inappropriate use of PPE alongside poor maintenance and insufficient attention to the safety of users.

Employers can take simple, beneficial measures in ensuring employees are adequately trained in the use of PPE and are aware of the importance of appropriate storage procedures.

Here are our do’s and don’ts when it comes to PPE usage:


  • Provide suitably tested PPE appropriate for the risk identified

  • Ensure personnel are adequately trained, have the correct information and instruction on how to use PPE. Our training department can provide full training for PPE and working at height

  • Store in cool dry conditions to prevent weather damage

  • Keep PPE clean. Dirt can accelerate abrasions so wash equipment with warm water and mild detergent then rinse with clean, fresh water before allowing the equipment to dry naturally prior to storing

  • Store PPE in a suitable container when it is being transported

  • Check PPE for valid labels, excessive wear, abrasions, furry webbing/rope, broken stitching, cuts, dirty webbing/rope and hardening or discolouration (caused by heat or chemicals)

  • We advise that if in doubt- throw it out!


  • Enter a roof without wearing appropriate and suitably inspected PPE

  • Allow any untrained individual to use equipment

  • Store PPE outside, directly in the sunlight or with strain or pressure placed upon it

  • Use equipment which has not been tested and inspector or has expired

  • Use a harness if it is twisted, loose or inadequately fitted

  • At Eurosafe, we offer an inspection service designed to provide our customers with a cost-effective way of meeting the inspection requirements for your PPE. As one of the

  • UK's most experienced providers of work at height training, we offer courses that can be held on-site or at our purpose-built training centre in Sheffield.

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