BMU Cradle Inspection

Everything you need to know about BMUs

There are a lot of frequently asked questions about BMUs and the testing and inspection requirements. We’ll go over some of the most asked queries and our responses.

What is a BMU?

Building maintenance units (BMUs) are a type of permanent mechanical access equipment which is either operated:

  • Manually

  • Automatically

  • By remote control

Where are BMUs installed?

A BMU is often installed on the building’s roof level and can be positioned in a:

  • Static location

  • Fixed-standing track

  • Free-standing track

What is a BMU generally used for?

From the main unit, a telescopic jib suspends a cradle or basket over the edge of the building that can be lowered or raised allowing access to all of the building’s façade for:

  • General maintenance

  • Window cleaning

  • Façade panel replacement

What are the Regulations for BMUs?

The duty holder of a building has legal responsibility for ensuring that suspended access equipment under their care is:

  • Safe and fit for the purpose for which it was intended

  • Properly maintained and examined

  • Used by competent and adequately trained operatives

How often should BMUs be tested and inspected?

The testing and inspection of suspended access equipment is laid down under BS 6037-Part 1-2003 which states a quarterly regime as follows:

Month 1 - Annual load test and inspection

Month 2 - Thorough inspection

Month 3 - General inspection

Month 4 - General inspection

Supplementary tasks are in addition to the statutory examinations and should include certain safety-critical components. These are generally carried out at intervals of ten years.

BMU Cradle Inspection
Eurosafe Cradle Inspection Services

BMU Inspection

Eurosafe Solutions can help duty holders meet their legal obligations by providing a full testing and inspection solution individually tailored to minimise downtime and maximise the productivity of the cradle system.

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