Expert Davit test & inspection: Your comprehensive guide

What are Davit systems / suspended access systems?

Architects are incorporating terraces more in their designs by making use of what was previously unused roof space.

Many roofs now have handrails, glazed balustrades, or lightweight parapets installed for safer roof access.

However, this makes accessing the façade by rope access more challenging as the loads required for the abseiling far outweigh the normal barrier loads.

To solve this problem, Eurosafe offers a Davit Arm system (suspended access system) that lifts the ropes over the building’s edge and prevents any load from being placed on the balustrade or parapet.

The Porta-Davit system is a CE-marked system and has been certified to withstand the 15kn load necessary for the use of rope access tools.

The Davit is removable when not in use and is secured back to the building via a fixed socket that can be recessed into the finished floor level of the terrace if required.

Expert Davit test & inspection: Your comprehensive guide
Expert Davit test & inspection

Safe Use of a Suspended Access System

In order to use suspended access systems safely, users must ensure:

  • The weight of people and equipment is never more than the manufacturer’s safe working load.

  • The equipment is not used outside of the manufacturers’ quoted “safe” ranges for the weather.

  • They employ the appropriate fall prevention and fall arrest gear, such as a full body harness with energy-absorbing lanyards.

  • All tools and equipment placed in the cradle are fastened, such as by lanyards that are appropriate.

Eurosafe can design and install bespoke Davit systems for rope access, cradle suspension, and material lifting.

This type of system can provide a cost-effective, discreet, and user-friendly system for all of your façade access requirements with proper client consultation at the design stage.


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