Futamura, Wigton

Safety Circle steps used in this project
Futamora, Wigton
Futamora, Wigton
Futamora, Wigton

The client

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Futamura is the global leader in sustainable cellulose films for the packaging market, including the renowned NatureFlex™ compostable films and Cellophane™ brands. Established in Japan in 1950 and now a global operation of 6 manufacturing divisions serving customers around the world, Futamura has grown its global footprint to include manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

The requirements

The client lacked adequate fall protection systems on several roofs, necessitating safe access solutions. Access to gutters across large pitched roofs with open edges and roof lights was a primary concern. The client sought guidance on ensuring staff safety during roof access, requiring diverse solutions including guardrails, ManSafe® systems, step units, and walkways. Priority areas, such as the Slitting & Reel End buildings, required safe access for service contractors and general maintenance.

The solutions

Collaborating with the client, Eurosafe mapped out necessary solutions, including step units, guardrail edge protection, stepped and levelled walkways, ManSafe® systems, and raised platforms around heat exchange units for engineers' safety. A fixed stair unit was proposed for emergency access and egress planning.

Eurosafe prioritised safety, considering hazards like roof lights, open edges, and steep, potentially slippery roofs. All solutions were sourced from Safety Fabrications, Eurosafe's trusted supplier, ensuring consistency and reliability across the project. Solutions were chosen based on suitability and safety, ensuring compliance with the client's duty of care for staff and contractors.

The selected solutions provided the highest level of protection while facilitating efficient access and egress.

Futamora, Wigton
Futamora, Wigton
Futamora, Wigton

The result

Eurosafe's proactive approach, timely communication, and adherence to commitments played pivotal roles in winning the project. The company's expertise in fall protection solutions, coupled with its ability to offer a comprehensive range of options, instilled confidence in the client. Eurosafe's control over project delivery ensured smooth execution, further solidifying its position as the preferred partner.

Eurosafe's collaboration with the client resulted in the successful implementation of tailored fall protection solutions, addressing critical safety concerns across various rooftop areas. By prioritising safety, communication, and expertise, Eurosafe not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, reinforcing its reputation as a reliable provider of comprehensive safety solutions.

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