Lightning Protection

The importance of lightning protection testing and inspection

11th April 2023

As the first thunderstorms started to loom on the horizon, it is crucial to ensure that your lightning protection equipment is functioning correctly. Our lightning protection test and inspection service is here to help.

Our greater dependence on electronic devices in daily life and the effects of their damage, from office buildings to community libraries, increases the demand for lightning strike protection.

In order to ensure that buildings are secure, it is crucial to conduct regular lightning protection tests and inspections.

The Requirements

  • It is a requirement of the Electricity at Work Regulations – Reg 4 part 2:1989 to have lightning protection systems professionally maintained to minimise danger.

  • BS EN 62305 describes what is required for a building and the people within it to be protected against damage from lightning through the use of a lightning protection system.

  • As with any form of protection, it is the duty holder’s responsibility to ensure that lightning protection systems are regularly checked and maintained.

Things to consider

At this point, it is important to note that lightning protection and earthing systems alone won’t guarantee that electrical equipment won’t sustain damage from a lightning strike.

A comprehensive protection system that includes electromagnetic shielding, surge prevention, and earthing is necessary.

Our Service

Our extensive experience in working safely at height, combined with our knowledge in lightning protection, means we can offer a comprehensive nationwide lightning protection testing and inspection service.

As part of our service, we undertake:

  • An earth resistance test using calibrated test meters at ground level to visually inspect the down conductors (affixed to the wall) for signs of damage/missing components and test for continuity.

  • A visual inspection of the ‘airstrike’ components, which are the parts of the system located on the roof of the structure where lightning is most likely to hit.

Eurosafe Lightning Strike Equipment Inspection Services
Eurosafe Lightning Strike Equipment Inspection Services

Our Reassurance

Engineers can be exposed to fall hazards during the inspection/testing of roof-mounted components. It is therefore crucial to ensure engineers are trained and experienced in such areas. Eurosafe Solutions can assure you of the following:

  • That all our engineers are trained to work at height

  • That all our engineers are rescue trained

  • That our teams work in pairs whenever working at height to ensure rescue procedures can be undertaken safely

  • That all works will be completed safely in-line with current regulations and standards

Wayne Reid

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