The importance of Roof Assessments in ensuring workplace safety

3rd June 2024

A roof assessment is a critical component in reducing and eliminating accidents. It involves a comprehensive examination of height safety assets and items requiring planned preventative maintenance (PPM), which are recorded and mapped. An evaluation follows to determine if these assets are suitable for the tasks required. Based on this evaluation, a plan of action is proposed, if necessary, to enhance overall safety.

In the UK, roof work must comply with the Work at Height Regulations 2005, which stipulate that employers must ensure the safety of workers engaged in such tasks. These regulations require:

  • Proper planning and supervision of all work at height.

  • Appropriate training and equipment for workers.

  • Regular inspection and maintenance of safety equipment.

  • Risk assessments to identify potential hazards and implement suitable control measures.

A thorough roof assessment helps organisations meet these regulatory requirements, ensuring legal compliance and enhancing worker safety.

What does a Roof Assessment add?

A comprehensive roof assessment offers numerous benefits, serving as an inventory of the equipment on the roof and highlighting potential risks to employees. Some of the key advantages include:

  • Identifying Access Requirements: Ensures safe and efficient access points to various parts of the roof.

  • Increasing Overall Safety: Enhances the safety protocols for employees working at height.

  • Minimising Costly Operational Downtime: Prevents unexpected shutdowns by identifying maintenance needs early.

  • Budgetary Planning: Provides cost estimates for maintaining existing equipment, aiding in budgetary planning.

  • Risk Identification: Clearly colour codes high-risk areas, allowing for focused attention.

  • Training Requirements: Identifies the minimum level of training required for employees working at height.

  • PPE Guidelines: Details the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) necessary to be used in conjunction with the installed equipment.

The roof assessment and evaluation form the basis for a comprehensive plan of approach to height safety.

Current roof assessments and evaluations

To effectively manage the safety of roof areas, the roof is categorised into zones using a “RAG” system (Red, Amber, Green). This colour-coding system helps prioritise areas where risks are higher:

  • Red Zones: Indicate high-risk areas requiring immediate attention and stringent safety measures.

  • Amber Zones: Represent medium-risk areas needing regular monitoring and maintenance.

  • Green Zones: Signify low-risk areas requiring standard maintenance practices.

Once the roof assessment is completed, Eurosafe discusses the findings with the client and explores available options. Keeping the roof assessment up to date is crucial, especially if any changes are made to the roof.

Eurosafe offers assistance in creating a roof assessment and implementing the first step towards an overall height maintenance plan.

Implementing Drone Surveys

Incorporating drone technology into roof assessments has revolutionised the evaluation of roof structures and the identification of potential problems.

Drone surveys provide a safe, efficient, and cost-effective method to access and inspect roof areas, particularly those that are difficult to reach or pose significant safety risks.

At Eurosafe, we use drone technology to access difficult-to-reach rooftop areas and produce highly detailed structure images to complement traditional methods of roof assessment and evaluation.

Drone Survey
Height Safety Consultancy & Audit - Drone Survey


A thorough roof assessment, complemented by modern drone surveys, is crucial for maintaining workplace safety and operational efficiency. By identifying risks, planning maintenance, and implementing safety measures, businesses can ensure the well-being of their employees and the longevity of their roof structures.

Eurosafe Height Safety Consultancy can provide expert guidance and support in creating and maintaining robust roof assessment plans that adhere to UK regulations.

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