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Abseil Anchor Test & Inspection

At Eurosafe, we aim to deliver the best test and inspection service of height safety equipment in the UK. We strive to meet this by continuous investment in training and service delivery.

Abseil anchors are just one category of height safety equipment that we test, inspect, and certificate. As a leader within the height safety industry, we continually review the latest legislation, regulations, and approved code of practices.

There are clear guidelines outlining the need for inspections and the frequency with which these must be carried out to remain compliant. Our inspection engineers take great pride and care in the inspections they complete to ensure original installation guidelines are followed. With or without documentation, our experienced team can carry out their test and inspections to the latest standards in place. We will ensure that your abseil anchors comply and are safe for use.

Abseil Anchors should be inspected and tested at least every six months as per the lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations 1998, (LOLER).

Examination scheme

This would consist of (but not limited to) the following:

  • Examination of the eyebolt for correct marking

  • Surrounding structure inspected for damage or cracks

  • Check, as far as possible that positioning requirements are met

  • Anchor device can be accessed before the user is at risk

  • The structural anchor is of an approved type and appropriate to the structure

  • Physical examination where applicable

  • Updating of signage as applicable

Following a successful test, a full report detailing our findings would be issued along with certificates for each asset.

Abseil Anchor Regulation References

  • BS 7883 2019 | Personal fall protection equipment. Anchor systems. System design, installation, and inspection. Code of practice

  • BS 8610:2017 | Personal fall protection equipment. Anchor systems. Specification

  • BS EN795:2012 | Personal fall protection equipment.

  • BS EN 365:2004 | Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. General requirements for instructions for use, maintenance, periodic examination, repair, marking, and packaging

  • BS EN 353-2: 2002 | Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Guided-type fall arresters including a flexible anchor line

  • BS EN 353-1: 2014+A1:2017 | Personal fall protection equipment. Guided type fall arresters including an anchor line. Guided-type fall arresters including a rigid anchor line

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Eyebolt testing

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